Dating your best friend

Every other Tumblr post told me that I should be dating my best friend. At that time, the thought of being with him was so amazing. He was everything I wanted in a guy..and thensome. In other words, perfection. Fortunately(or unfortunately, I’m not quite sure) life happened and we started dating. Amazing, right? Or is it? The start of our new relationship was unimaginable, it felt like something out of a movie. It’s almost a year later now and I’m rethinking this whole dating my best friend idea. Now don’t get me wrong, he treats me like a princess, it’s … Continue reading Dating your best friend

Anything and Everything

You may be wondering, who the hell is this anon b***h trying to give me advice, what does she know..and you’re right. I’m just as inexperienced, young and careless as the next guy, but something I’ve learnt in my few 19 years on this planet is that sharing experiences and thoughts isn’t so bad sometimes. My purpose is to write and discuss any and everything from love to school to even politics, just kidding, I’m not into politics (DO NOT VOTE TRUMP!). I’ve chosen to be anon because I want who I am to speak through my writing, if that … Continue reading Anything and Everything